Hello and welcome to my blog

Hi. My name is Dawn and I’ve started up this new blog specifically to keep me focussed on improving how my family live, reducing waste and saving money. I’m a busy working writer with two growing kids and three dogs, so my time is pretty used up. However, I’m also desperate to live a greener, healthier life that has less impact on the environment and saves me money too.

So, why the new blog? Well, it’s simple, as a single parent (my husband died of cancer in 2016), the onus is on me to ensure we live within our means. However, we don’t. There are things I could and should be doing to stop this happening, but I one of the worst offenders! I am a book addict and if I see a book recommended to me online, I immediately go and buy it without a thought about whether or not I can afford it or not. I am also bad at organising meals well enough so that when it comes to dinner time, I cook the meal right away without resorting to buying carry out because I’m too tired to cook (we don’t eat carry out every night, maybe once a week, but it’s expensive).

So, here goes. I’m doing this blog as part of a challenge to myself to become more environmentally friendly than I already am, to reduce the amount of crap we buy, and to save money.

So, today, August 2, 2019, I declare that this is the first day of a year long challenge to improve how we live. Along the way, I shall share some of the things I’ve done to do that and any challenges I’ve come across. Wish me luck!

Dawn x

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