Why I’m loving this old cook book

Bought this little beauty on Ebay recently. It’s The Doctor in the Kitchen by Mrs Arthur Webb and it’s a cookbook of wholesome food to feed to people recovering from illness. Not sure when this book was printed, but I believe it was first brought out in the 1930s. My copy could certainly be that old.

The reasons why I love this book:

  • great recipes that are cheap to make and good for you
  • recipes I remember from childhood such as Blancmange and Coddled Eggs (who has these dishes nowadays? I used to love blancmange and coddle eggs or Eggy Cup as we used to call it)
  • there’s information at the back about making poultices, medicines and periods of incubation for illnesses such as scarlet fever and whooping cough (I had the latter as a child, horrendous illness)
  • the historical information contained within it

I may try making blancmange and see how it is. Or the Apple Fool. Mmmm…yum.

Dawn x

PS I bought this before I decided to have a sabbatical from book buying. And it was cheap. So, sticking to my guns here. 😉

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