I’ve had to buy stuff again…sigh

Oops, forgot to post a new recipe yesterday. I don’t have time today, but above is one I’ve already put up. Has anyone tried it? I’m not sure you can buy old fowls any more, but an ordinary chicken would do! And the veal knuckle could be replaced with a ham hough. Hmmm, delicious. Might give this a go over the weekend.

So, I have not been good in my ‘no buy’ challenge as I have once again had to buy stuff for the kids and for the house. The boy lost his pencil case, or it was stolen, more likely he lost it, so had to replace all of that. The girl needed toiletries and I had to buy a chain saw (small, cos they are normally really heavy) to do some work in the garden. That’s it, though. No more buying stuff. I don’t need it. My house is groaning with stuff – admittedly a lot of secondhand stuff as I try and buy it when I can – but stuff. I don’t need any more!

I also need to get out of the habit of treating myself to books and other tasty wee treats when I’m feeling fed up. Being a single mum isn’t easy, especially as my daughter has hit her teens, and I often cheer myself up with something purchased from Ebay or Amazon. I need to stop this too. I need to find something else to distract me from feeling fed up. Hmmm, challenge accepted.

On a more positive note, I have been cooking from scratch and actually got up the confidence to use my pressure cooker (I’ve seen too many pics on FB of exploded pressure cookers and was scared) and it was easy. Yesterday, I made Pulled Pork in the pressure cooker (which we will have for dinner tonight) and a sausage casserole with mash for dinner. Delicious. It feels good getting back to properly cooked meals. I came away from it because my daughter refused to eat anything I cooked (and still refuses) and that, in turn, encouraged my son to turn his nose up too. It was really soul destroying, so I stopped cooking healthy meals. However, I’m back into it and making them eat the dinners I cook, which, by the way, are delicious and healthy. I make them eat it by threatening to take away their access to Spotify and, if they still don’t comply, their phones. Sounds harsh, but my kids don’t eat enough good stuff and I don’t want them growing up unhealthy.

Right, I am going now. Speak soon.


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