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Planning, cooking and gardening – well, that’s the idea anyway

So this week at The Canny Lass, I have decided that a bit of planning about what I’m going to write about would be a good idea. I have been winging it lately and I really need to sit down and think about what I should talk about.

Future blog posts I’ve already looked at doing include: uses for bicarbonate of soda and green cleaning. I’m going to have a go at making my own dishwasher tablets and I’m going to use an old trick to clean my iron of dark stuff that is stuck to it. I’ll also discuss how I get on with some gardening I plan to do – I want to build and set up raised beds in which to grow vegetables. Is there anything you guys would like me to write about?

One thing I am going to do is go and visit a new plastic free type shop that’s opened in Helensburgh, near where I live. It’s a ‘fill your own container’ sort of place – right up my street. I am so fed up of everything being wrapped in plastic. I hate it. And I will get around to actually cooking my plums into something nice. They are currently in a bag in the fridge – mainly to keep them away from the fruit flies that have taken up residence in my kitchen despite my best efforts at keeping food out of their way. That’s on my to-do list for tomorrow. I really need to get myself out in the hedgerows to pick what’s left of the brambles (wild blackberries) that grow in such abundance in Scotland. I do like bramble jam. I could make it. Yum.

Right, I’m going to finish here for now as I have aforementioned plan to write up plus I need to chase up a Glasgow business I emailed last week to order some fruit trees.

Speak soon.

Dawn xx

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Plum Jam, an Amazon ban and Tablet

Plums from my plum tree.

Okay, so I admit it! Hands up! I did use this same picture on my author website blog post, but you know… I am into recycling and this is recycling, sort of. Anyway, this is a small haul of plums from my plum tree that I plan to make plum jam with. Will get the ladders out tomorrow to have a proper good look in the tree for more plums and hopefully I’ll get some. I made plum jam last year with donated plums, so am looking forward to making it again. May even make plum duff or plum pudding. I’ll see.

So how have you been doing this week for frugality? I have managed to cut my personal spending down to nothing except for the purchase of a business book (on search engine optimisation) and taking my editor, Graham, out for lunch at Zizzi’s last week. Well, I owed him one. And we had a good laugh. I haven’t bought anything else so big tick and a gold star for me!

Part of my plan for cutting back is to try and cut down on the amount of plastic we have in this house. That’s mainly things like shampoo and conditioner. I try to buy glass bottles and other non plastics where I can, but it’s almost impossible for a lot of goods. The dog food, for instance, I buy in cans, but they are always wrapped in plastic. Even fruit and veg, which doesn’t need to be wrapped in plastic, is wrapped in plastic. It’s so annoying. Anyway, there’s a new green shop opened near where I live where you can buy things without plastic packaging. I fully intend to shop there this week and see what’s what.

For saving money, spent a good part of last week going through my pantry and working out what was coming to its best before or use by date and what I could store for longer. I’ve wasted a lot of money over the years simply by not using up produce in time and that is going to stop. One of the things I made was tablet which used up two tins of condensed milk which were at their best before dates. I love tablet and the first batch turned out great, the second not as good. However, I am still eating it!! 😉

Okay, so I’m going to finish up here and say goodbye until next time. Will share with you how my plum jam went and how delicious it was on the home-made bread I am planning to make to go with it. Yum.

Dawn x