Ye cannae beat Scottish tablet

So today’s post is about something close to my heart – food, sweet food. I’m on to share this great recipe for Scottish tablet. Being a Scot, I love all things sweet so tablet is just heaven in my book. Although, you cannot eat too much of it. One square is usually enough otherwise you are in grave danger of sugar overload.

Anyway, the recipe I got was unfortunately not an old family recipe passed down from generation to generation. Only one of my grandmother’s was a good cook and I never knew her to make tablet. However, I did get a good one from the Great British Chefs website. I didn’t quit stick to their recipe exactly, there were a couple of minor changes.

The first change was that I doubled the amount and this was because I had a 397g tin of condensed milk and didn’t want to spoil it.

So here’s my recipe, with the minor amendments:

160 ml milk (I used long life skimmed milk, but I think any milk works)

120 g butter (use real butter)

900g caster sugar (not granulated)

397g tin of condensed milk

Place the milk and butter in a heavy bottomed pan and heat over a medium heat until the butter is melted. Bring to the boil. Once it’s boiling, remove from the heat and add in the sugar.

Return to the heat, dissolve the sugar. Once full dissolved, add in the condensed milk. Mix thoroughly and keep mixing to ensure the tablet doesn’t burn. Cook for 10 to 15 minutes or until it goes a lovely golden colour (see my tablet above to give you an idea of the kind of colour the liquid should go).

Once you’ve done this, take off the heat and beat for at least five minutes. You beat it like you would when creaming butter and sugar together. Then pour into a lined oven tray. I used greaseproof paper to line mine, but traditionally you would only smear it in butter. Leave to set.

Once set, cut it into squares and serve with a hot beverage of your choice. Delicious!

By the way, Scottish tablet is NOT fudge. Fudge is soft and chewy, tablet is hard, but melts in your mouth in a cacophony of sugary goodness. Just saying!! 😉

Also, I worked out how much this huge amount of tablet costs. I can’t give you an exact weight of tablet as we have eaten a fair bit of it, but it took up a whole baking tray. I estimated the total cost of it was £2.58 for ingredients and it will last up to three weeks if kept in an air tight tin… that’s if you haven’t eaten it by then. To buy a 100g bar of tablet in the shops will set you back around 80p. Enjoy.

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