Coming into snotty nose season

If like me you are prone to catching every bug that’s going then you may just be dreading the coming winter months.

However, if you do succumb to the dreaded lurgy (or the common cold, if you want to give it its proper name), then there are a few home remedies you can do to make yourself feel better.

Here in Scotland, if you are an adult and have a stinking cold, we recommend a hot toddy, which consists of hot water, honey, a splash of lemon and whisky. The BBC have a nice recipe here for it, but it’s a bit over fancy for us Scots. We’d leave out the cinnamon stick and cloves, and put in the honey to taste.

My other recommendation for tackling the cold is to have a hot bath before bedtime. It really helps to relieve the symptoms, warms your cold, shivering body and helps you relax before you go to sleep. I put a mugful of Epsom salts in my bath as it makes me feel relaxed.

From the internet, I’ve gleaned a few other remedies:

– for a sore throat, gargle warm water and salt/vinegar

– rub petroleum jelly onto sore, chapped noses and lips

– rest as much as possible, don’t go overboard on the exercising… gentle exercise only and only if you feel fit enough for it

– drink a nice hot cup of tea, not only will it rehydrate you but it will relax you

– if you are having problems with your sinuses, add another pillow to your bed so you are propped up higher and your sinuses can drain into your throat

– wrap up warm both inside and outside the home

– make yourself some home-made soup, preferably chicken, which is full of vitamins and minerals to help your body fight the infection

– eat well generally

There were a few very odd cold remedies on the internet, such as leeches, that I decided would not do for my valued followers. I don’t think leeches are that effective against the cold bug anyway!!

Anyway, I hope none of you end up sick over the wintry months, but if you do, my number one tips is the hot bath. It always works a treat with me.