Starting the year off feeling fantastic!

So, I’ve not made any New Year’s resolutions. This is mainly because I never stick to them. However, I have decided to try and cut down the amount of waste this family produces and I’m starting with fizzy drinks.

Me and my two kids enjoy a carbonated beverage every now and again. In fact, we used to have one every single day. Not only is that accumulatively expensive, but it’s three 500ml plastic drinks bottles going to recycling or landfill per day. That’s 1,056 bottles a year…yikes! Anyway, have stopped buying fizzy drinks so that puts paid to that.

I’m also going to cook from scratch more. When my husband was here, I always cooked from scratch. However, since his death three years ago, the kids have gotten older and are now refusing certain foods. One doesn’t like one thing that the other does and vice versa. My eldest, in particular, is extremely fussy and will refuse a plate of food if she doesn’t like the look of it. It’s soul destroying when you make a lovely meal and it’s only you eating it. Anyway, I know I need to get tougher on this kids about wasting food and I will be cooking more. They are going to eat healthily if it kills me! 🙂

Am also putting a stop to any wasteful buying. And by that I mean my very bad habit of impulse buying books and other wee bits and bobs. That stops today. To be fair, I have cut down on my book buying habit considerably. I am going to read all the books I have before I buy another book. I have loads of books so that will probably take me up until I am of retiral age! Ha ha!

So, what are your goals and resolutions for 2020? Let me know.

Dawn xx

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