Soap making and creating face creams

So, a couple of years ago, I went through a mad bout of intention: intention to make my own soaps, intention to make my own ointments and intention to make my own cheese. And I bought some equipment and ingredients to make them. Now, that intention was washed away very quickly in my busy life: I just didn’t have the time to do anything of this and I was too tired at night to be bothered making soap.

So, the equipment and ingredients have spent the past two years gathering dust in my study.

Not good. Especially as I am trying to be better at being frugal.

Anyway, today I have made the decision to give soap making a try. I bought the Reader’s Digest Homemade: Over 700 Everyday Items that are Easy to Make and will Save you Money back in 2011. I have made a few things out of it – food – but it does have a section for making our own soap and creams.

I have all the things I need to make them so I’m going to finally get around to doing it. Wish me luck!

Have any of you tried making your own lotions, potions and soaps at home? How did you get on?

In the village where I live we have a lady who makes and sells her own soaps and toiletries. I must ask her if she does lessons? Hmmm.

Anyway, I will leave you with this blog here. I’ll let you know how I get one. I may even have some soap to show you! 🙂

Dawn x

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