How to keep your hands looking nice this winter and other tips

So, I didn’t get around to making soap and face cream last week. I was just too busy and had no energy. I’ve been working really hard on a number of projects, with more in the near future. Plus (confession), I’ve been binge watching The Stranger and Locke & Key on Netflix. What can I say? The kids were off on holiday from school this week and I wanted to relax a bit. Plus I had visitors. And wine. And too much chocolate.

Anyway, getting back to this week and I’ve decided to share with you some tips I pulled together for my client, Tranquility Holistic Centre, who provide health and wellbeing to the people of Helensburgh. I used these on their Facebook page and there are some good tips.  PS recommend Tranquility for massage etc if you are in the area.

beauty tipYou might also think about using cold, used teabags on your eyes. This is an old trick I learned from my granny. It works well too.


hairI’ve not tried this one myself, but I think it could work. Hmmm.


handsThis one I have tried and it does work. It leaves your hands feeling soft and lovely. Don’t worry, you don’t smell of olive oil afterwards, not if you’ve rinsed it off properly.

Give them a go and let me know how you get on.

Dawn xxx

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