Kinda doing it right, but kinda not

Remember I said I wanted to eat more healthily and make food from scratch? Well, I’ve semi-managed it. We are eating a little bit more healthily, but as for cooking food from scratch…well, that’s proving more difficult. I’m just so busy that when it comes to dinner time, it’s whatever I can make quickly and/or either shop bought pies and breaded fish or chicken. I think I need to spend some time at the weekend planning, making and prepping meals.

So, how have you all been? Hope you’re week’s been good. With lockdown, life had been a bit dull. Plus I’m trying not to spend any money, so the kids and I have done nothing interesting. They are off on annual leave this week and next. Normally I would try and take them out a couple of times for lunch, but I don’t want to go near Glasgow at the moment (figures for Coronavirus are rising rapidly) and, well, I’m trying to save the pennies right now. I’ve been working on my various businesses (social media management, my Vintage Knit Treasures shop and my writing) and watching some television. There are not a lot of programmes I want to watch right now, so I’m back to watching an old favourite: White Collar. Like I said, life is kind of dull right now.

Anyway, I’ve got some more household tips for you. Here we go…

Right, I am off. Am making Christmas decorations to sell in my shop. I love making things.



Struggling not to spend, but still trying to be better with money

There’s nothing like a cup of tea!

Well I went and did it. I put some items of clothing and shoes up on Ebay for sale. A few have got some interest and I’ll find out tomorrow what has sold and what hasn’t. There’s still time to put a bid in on my items here. The money is going into my Christmas fund. In saying that, it doesn’t look like we’ll be going anywhere or doing anything for Christmas this year what with the Coronavirus and everything. Not to worry, me and the kids will hunker down in the house and have a quiet Christmas day if that’s the case.

I do miss my family though. Still, it’s not forever.

So, how are you today? What’s been happening with you? Have you done anything fabulously frugal lately? Talking of making money, as I said last week, I have put a few items up on my vintage knitting page on Etsy for sale including red berets, scarves and a few vintage items. Vintage Knit Treasures also sells vintage knitting patterns, so if you’re looking for vintage knitting patterns do have a look.

One of the hand-knitted items available at my shop.

This week, I’ve been trying hard to be more frugal, but it’s not easy with two growing kids and a business with various expenses. So, tomorrow I’m going to contact Business Gateway to see if there are any grants I can apply to for things like marketing plus I need to sort out getting my tax in to HMRC. It’s basically done, I just need to query something first.

Did I tell you I’ve joined a group called The Debt Free Divas? Fab group of women with loads of amazing tips and advice on a whole load of things. Well, the group’s website is now up-and-running here so go and have a look. You’ll not be disappointed.

What else? You’ll be proud of me. I haven’t bought a book since last week. I am, instead, putting all potential buys into my wish list instead. I haven’t spent a penny of books for…well, it’s actually nearly two weeks, which is very good for me. I don’t need any new books. I have hundreds to read. Sigh. I love buying books, it’s one of my greatest pleasures. Still, I will read through what I have already before buying more. Same goes for other purchases. We really don’t need anything. I have everything I need already. Too much, in fact.

Right, I am going to go because dinner is on (not a carry-out as requested by the kids, but something from the freezer) and I need to go and check on it. Speak to you soon.

Dawn xxx