My Favourite Frugal Blogs

For this post I thought I’d share with you some of the blogs I love to read. Not only are they full of great tips and information, but they are just lovely blogs anyway and a great read.

Cooking from scratch is a great way of saving money.

Okay, so let’s get on with it (btw these are a mixture of UK and US blogs):

Mortgage Free in Three is a great blog by my friend Elaine Colliar. Although she has moved on to pastures new for blogging, this site still has some great tips and amazing recipes. Please try her 30 minute rolls.

Skint Dad is a UK blog by a couple, Ricki and Naomi Willis, who are all about watching the pennies whilst living a good life. They promote vouchers and apps which can help you save money. They’ve also got a number of tips on making money.

Make do and mend.

Money Saving Mom is a US blog by Crystal Paine aimed at the US market, but has lots of great tips you can use over in the UK. She also does a podcast.

Looking on tips for cookery and other great frugal things you can do? Follow The Frugal Girl blog. Kristen is passionate about good home cooking and saving waste

One of my favourites is The Diary of a Frugal Family. It follows UK-based Cass and her family as she lives well frugally.

Make your own.

Jo is a single mother from Somerset, England and has her own blog: Slummy Single Mummy.

And finally Money Smart Family which is the Economides family’s frugal blog. They were responsible for the America’s Cheapest Family book I spoke about recently. Their blog is full of great tips on shopping and family living, they’ve got books and do courses.

Every penny counts.

I’m always on the look-out for other blogs to follow, so please feel free to share your favourite in the comments.

Dawn xx


Spectacular Budget Fail and sneaky Creme Eggs

So this week has been all about trying to stick to my budget and failing spectacularly. And the cause? The telly has gone on the blink. It works in a fashion, but the picture is half in shade and it’s annoying. Being still in lockdown, the telly is a vital part of our lives at the moment: I watch it to relax at night and to learn things (I watch a lot of documentaries, particularly history docs). Anyway, I had to dig into my savings for £300 and I’ve ordered a new one from Amazon (btw I did a price comparison first and they were the cheapest this time). Sigh.

Apart from that, I’ve stuck to the budget pretty well and we’ve still managed to have the odd treat.

How’s your week been? Done anything interesting? If, like me, you’re in the UK, the answer to that will be a no as we’re all still in lockdown. On the bright side, it is saving us all money. I’ve save a whole load on petrol and eating lunch out.

Is it just me or has everything gone up in price? I knew this would happen as soon as we went into Brexit. I really wish we hadn’t, but it is what it is. A friend of mine owns a film production company and he was costing buying a new high tech computer. The computer had doubled in price since last year. Doubled!! Ridiculous. Food is more expensive too. There’s just pennies on here and there but it all adds up at the checkout.

I can’t wait to get out of lockdown so I can start going to the shops again – I like to buy the bulk at somewhere like Aldi or Lidl and buy specialised things at M&S or Morrisons or Asda. However, with there being the new variants of Covid-19 now in the community, I’m steering clear of shops and doing it online. I’m having to buy from Morrisons as there are no home deliveries from Lidl or Aldi in our area (I believe they may be doing some of them in some areas). Not to worry, this can’t last forever. The Spanish Flu burned out in about two years, so hopefully we’ll be back to normal some time this year.

Okay, so some of you will know that I’ve been trying out the Olio and Too Good To Go app to see if we can buy waste food from retailers cheaply. Unfortunately, there’s no-one nearby who is doing the Olio thing, so have had nothing from that. Tried the Too Good to Go app and got something from Costa Coffee which was really disappointing and from a small M&S outlet (which was much better – we got a curry for two, some rolls and two cream cakes for £4). So, it’s kinda been a bit hit or miss. Maybe once we’re back to normal things will pick up and we’ll get more shops joining in. I’ll keep looking at them. Do you know of any good money saving apps you can recommend? Let me know.

Right, going to finish up now as have a cup of tea to drink and a cheeky wee creme egg to eat. Yum.