I have failed miserably already

I don’t know how it happened, but I’ve had to order stuff of Amazon over several days this week. I have an event on Saturday that I needed things for, then there was stuff for the house…argh! Jeezo, I was really trying to cut down my spending too.

Then I saw this lovely top on eBay that I missed out on last time and it came up again, so I had to have it. Does that count? Okay, I know it does, but I’m just trying to make myself feel better!

On a plus note though, I did put some books I wanted in my Wish List rather than just buying them. So, I’m heading in the right direction. And I have made most meals from scratch, with the exception of an M&S pizza which mean and the kids had for lunch the other day.

Right, this week, I will endeavour not to spend any more than I absolutely have to. I will continue to make things from scratch. Plus I will use on of the gadgets I have in my kitchen that have never been used. Watch this space for more!

Well, I never said this was going to be easy. Needs must and all that, but so long as I keep on trying to cut down, I will eventually get there!