Let’s get started

The first thing I want to do is think about how I can make changes to the lifestyles of me and the kids to achieve all the goals I want to. So, I’ve put together this short, first list as a start:

  1. I need to stop impulse buying. I have tonnes of unread books, I don’t need anything for the house (we have everything we need) and there’s nothing the kids need except for new clothes every now and again. Okay, so challenge 1 for this impulse buyer is to stop impulse buying.
  2. I’ve got out of the way of cooking from scratch every single day. My husband’s death side swiped me for a bit and in the months following his death, me and the kids lived on carry outs and ready meals (such as breaded chicken and oven chips). We’ve gotten out of the habit of eating at the table as a family. So challenge 2 is to cook from scratch for 90% of the time and to eat at the kitchen table.
  3. I have a big garden and could be growing some of my own produce. Challenge 3 is to sort out the garden and plant some winter crops.
  4. I mostly meet up with friends for lunch, but we could be doing this more cost effectively. Challenge 4 is to socialise with friends on a smaller budget.
  5. We produce a lot of rubbish in this house and I have tackled it before. However, we’ve gone back the way. Challenge 6 – my main priority – is to cut down the amount of rubbish we produce going to landfill.
  6. I need to get some more income coming into the house, so Challenge 7 is to use my talents to bring in some more income.

Okay, so that’s not bad for a first list of challenges. Starting today, and for the next year, I will endeavour to meet these and any other challenges straight on and improve our lives for the long term.